Shopping at Macy’s can provide books to Arizona kids

Julie Brown of Phoenix brought her son Nathan, 2, who was born prematurely, to the Children's Developmental Center at Southwest Human Development. Photo by Daniel Friedman.

Today through July 31, shopping at Macy’s can help put books in the hands of the children served by Southwest Human Development.

Through a partnership with Reading is Fundamental (RIF), Southwest’s early literacy programs will receive approximately one-third of the funds raised by local Macy’s stores.

Donate $3 at any Macy’s register and receive a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more. Southwest will receive $1 each time that happens in an Arizona store.

Several decades of research demonstrate that each child’s earliest experiences and relationships establish the foundation for all future development – intellectual, social, emotional, physical and behavioral. A child who starts life and school with a healthy foundation is at a distinct advantage.

Southwest’s mission is to give children an optimal start in life with opportunities for a bright and positive future.

Specific services include:

RAK Archives
Assistive technologies (A.D.A.P.T. store)
Team approach to developmental issues (Chldren’s Development Center)
Developmental tracking (My Child’s Ready)
Facing fussy with calm (Birth to Five Helpline’s Fussy Baby Program)


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