Gangplank Jr

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of volunteering at a monthly event in Chandler called Gangplank Jr.

Image courtesy of HeatSync Labs

Gangplank Jr is the youth side of parent organization Gangplank.  While many find Gangplank hard to define, I see it as an community space that seeks to break down the barriers dividing businesses and individuals, encouraging  real collaboration and education. Gangplank Jr is an extension of that idea, encouraging inspiration and creativity through hands-on activities.

The particular event I participated in had local comic artists and illustrators aiding children in creating their own comic books.

As a former educator, I’ve found that children have had to put away imagination and creativity in order to make room for testing strategies that help them pass those ever-so-precious state tests. The events that Gangplank Jr host are incredibly valuable for the opportunity they offer students to not only learn a new skill, but exercise imaginations that have become dormant.

To learn more about the events Gangplank Jr has to offer, visit their blog. Recently they announced the kickoff for their Lego League robotics team, which will compete in the fall.

Adults! Gangplank has lots to offer you – from a book club to learning how to develop an iPhone app. Check their events calendar for a complete listing.


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